So what are you like?
to you –
easy going, creative, outgoing, friendly, approachable, professional.
to my loved ones –
just strange.

Things I love: creativity, oddballs, artists, late night creatures, flightless birds, electronic dance music, metal, the smell of hairspray, special effects makeup, overexaggerated hairstyles, eye candy for color and shape.

Things I dont love so much: vanity, egotism, ‘that los angeles vibe’, manipulators, negativity, judgmental idealogies, individuals who cant use proper grammar.

Do you do salon work as well?
YES! i have my own mobile ‘salon in a kit’ all cuts, colors, texture blah blah. ect. ask for rates

Do you do both hair and makeup?
YES! unless otherwise stated in the credits i did the makeup.

whats your specialty?
Avante Guard hairstyles, updo’s. “Tim Burton Hair” Bold and dramatic makeup/natural makeup

What are you available for? Runway, bridal, photoshoots (indoor and out), commercial, print,

Do you charge? yes i do

what if i dont want to pay you? if you dont want to pay me thats fine, i understand but then you cant use my services. if you dont pay me when i show up, then i eat your brains.

Can i get a discount?
YES! all clients, students, references, military and previous photographers (people ive worked with before on shoots) will receive a 20% discount as my thanks for returning to work with moi.